What Nonprofit Charitable Organizations and Churches Can Learn from Each Other to Maximize Fundraising

Are you tired of your organization being under-funded? Does it eat at you to know what your organization could accomplish if it just had additional revenue? Are you ready to learn what most charitable organizations and churches have not yet discovered that would lead to an almost certain increase in funding?

Then read on.

In the nonprofit charitable organization world, increasing individual donations and decreasing the organization’s dependence on grants is a constant challenge. Even though nonprofit management best practices urge that only 20%-25% of revenue come from grants, grants are seductive. The promise of seemingly easy money is a continual siren call to executive directors, and consequently too many orgs take on alarming amounts of risk by deriving 50% or more of their revenue from grants.

Making the organization overly dependent on grants, however, guarantees a stressful emotional roller coaster ride as grant funding waxes and wanes. Laying off employees and ending programs due to decreases in grant funding not only hamper the mission, it can quickly cause remaining employees to lose faith in the director who failed to adequately diversify funding sources.

Nonprofit charitable organizations can learn something from churches, who rarely receive funding from grants.

At the same time, while churches are ineligible for most grants, churches often miss out on available funds because they lack the basic fundraising systems that nonprofit charitable organizations take for granted. Terms like development director, CRM software, and donor cultivation, donor acknowledgement, donor retention, and donor upgrade are foreign in the church world. Churches could substantially increase revenue by implementing some basic fundraising practices that charitable organizations use everyday.

Churches could learn something from charitable organizations who implement the best practices of fundraising.

From my experience as both a pastor and a development director, I can easily see how nonprofit charitable organization and churches could learn from each. Churches know how to raise funds from individual donors (the source of over 7o% of all nonprofit funding), and charitable organizations know how to implement professional fundraising systems. The combination of both will maximize your organization’s revenue.

Here are just a few practices charitable organizations and churches can learn from one another (there are many more):

Effective churches:

  1. Motivate donors by rooting fundraising in the the overall mission every week
  2. Create a sense of community that increases commitment and generosity
  3. Tap into the “Secret of Fundraising” (emotional motivation)

Effective nonprofit charitable organizations:

  1. Implement a fundraising system that intentionally acquires and upgrades donors
  2. Adopt an evidence-based, donor-centered model of fundraising that leads to increased donations
  3. Create an intentional development plan to maximize donations

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You will discover how your organization, whether a charitable organization or church, can maximize revenue in ways that will surprise you. I guarantee you will be inspired and learn something that you didn’t know before.

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